Hong Kong Art Month Series: Connecting Viewers with Artworks|Art Basel

For art lovers in Hong Kong, March is an exciting month packed with a series of art events, from major art fairs, gallery openings to new exhibitions. The Value has introduced some of the hottest and latest events in town in our previous articles. Here is another one you can't miss.

Art Basel Hong Kong is one of the most highly-anticipated international art events which take place annually in the region, serving as a premier platform for renowned and emerging artists to showcase their cutting-edge works.

As contemporary artists are always challenging the boundaries of art, they constantly redefine its meaning by questioning the status quo and adding new genres to the landscape of art world. Art events have evolved from merely an activity of artwork viewing to a more interactive experience that invites viewers to become part of the work.

One Minute Sculptures

One of the examples at the fair is One Minute Sculptures, created by Erwin Wurm since 2000. Different from our traditional understanding of sculptures, ‘sculptures’ presented here are not made of marble, stone, metal or clay etc. They are sculptures made of flesh and blood.

It is a work that requires the participation of visitors. Various objects such as tennis balls, shoes, bags, and flowers are scattered over a large white platform located in the middle of the hall. Visitors can step onto the platform and follow the instructions to become a 'sculpture' for one minute.

To encourage visitors to switch their role from a passive viewer to an active collaborator, performers are presented there to give a demonstration from time to time. 

Even if you are a shy art lover who doesn't want to join a stage performance like the above, that doesn't mean you are excluded from engaging with art. Some works are embedded with mirrors or gazing balls, connecting viewers through a reflection of themselves in the shiny surface. Whether you are taking a image of the work or simply passing by, you become part of the artworks without even knowing it.  

Other exhibits at Art Basel 2018

Art Basel Hong Kong 2018

Opening night
2018/3/28|5pm - 9pm
Open to public
2018/3/29|1pm - 9pm
2018/3/30|1pm - 8pm
2018/3/31|11am - 6pm
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Admission fee: HK$200 - HK$2,280 (details)