Editors' Picks from Art Basel Hong Kong 2019

The 2019 edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong welcomes 242 leading galleries from 35 countries and territories. It's easy to get yourself overwhelmed by so many amazing works presented at the show. If you are thinking about where to start and what to see, here are our editors' picks for your reference.

Editors' Picks

Latifa Echakhch|La dépossession

Chiharu Shiota|Where Are We Going?

Simon Starling|Project for a Floating Garden (After Little Sparta)

Lee Bul|Willing To Be Vulnerable – Metalized Balloon

Elmgreen & Dragset|City in the Sky

Kim Chong Hak|Pandemonium

Takashi Murakami|Untitled (2018)

Olafur Eliasson|Light Matter Collection

Hajime Sorayama|Sexy Robot_Walking_Bronze

Eko Nugroho|It's All About Coalition

Abdul Abdullah|Understudy |Yavuz Gallery

Paola Pivi|Remix

Simon Starling|At Twilight: W. B. Yeats

Samson Young|Music While You Work

Nobuaki Takekawa|Cat Olympics: Swimming Pool

Yao Peng|Talent

Vincent Namatjira|Welcome to Indulkana

Zhang Yu|Tea Feeding

Nam June Paik|Columbus (Eco-Lumbus) + Columbus Boat

Sun Yuan & Peng Yu|Triceratops

Nina Beier|Automobile

Stuart Middleton|Puppet 4

Alexander Calder|BMW Art Car #01