The Leading Independent French Auction House Aguttes Presents an Array of Extraordinary Asian Works of Art in February

2020 has started. Now it’s the season for auction houses to bring amazing works of art to art lovers, collectors and connoisseurs. On 25 February, the leading independent French auction house Aguttes is going present an array of extraordinary Asian art from China, Tibet and Japan, including a Bronze Lion Censer, a Blue-Ground Summer Gauze 'Dragon' Robe, a Famille-Rose 'Figural' Floral Faceted Vase, a Gilt-Decorated ‘The Tale of Genji’ Six-Panel Screen and a Tibetan Gilt-Bronze Figure of Dharmapâla. Here is a preview of some highlights from the sale.

A Bronze Lion Censer with a Leaf-Shaped Base | China, 18-19th Century

Size: 26 x 34cm (lion), 17 x 37cm (base)
Estimate: €1,500 - 2,000
Note: A drawer in front of the lion chest for burning incense
Condition: Little damage on the lion tail. Crack on the base. Oxidation on the ball. Restoration

A Gold and Silver-Inlaid Archaic ‘Taotie’ Bronze Tripod | China, Western Han dynasty (202-9 BC) to Eastern Han (25-220)

Size: 3.5cm (height); 10.3cm (diameter)
Estimate: €500 - 700
Condition: traces of oxidation

A 'Lingbi' Scholar's Rock with a Huangli base | China, 20th Century

Size: 56cm tall (without the base); 63cm tall (with the base)
Weight: about 60kg
Note: An inscription on the back telling the story of the ‘Lingbi’ collection and dated the year of Yihai
Estimate: €2,500 - 3,000

A Blue-Ground Summer Gauze 'Dragon' Robe, Jifu | China, mid 19th century

Size: 45cm long; 230cm wide (including sleeves)
Estimate: €1,200 - 1,500
Condition: rambling threads, worn

According to the Qinding huangchao liqi tushi, (“The Regulations for the Ceremonial Paraphernalia of the [Qing] Dynasty”), the Qing court attire system was strict, complex and detailed, to a level that had exceeded all other dynasties throughout the history of China. The right to wear the dragon robe and its accessories was conferred by rank and entitlement. Dragon with a pearl is an important element and it is usually featured with clouds or other auspicious motifs.

A ‘Chilong’ Carved Rhinoceros Horn Libation Cup | China, 18th century

Size: 14cm tall, 10.7cm long
Weight: 162g
Estimate: €4,000 - 6,000

A Famille-Rose 'Figural' Floral Faceted Vase|China, 19th century

Size: 58cm tall
Estimate: €2,000 - 4000

After Zhang Zeduan’s Ascending the River During the Qingming Festival, ink and colour on silk|China, 20th century

Size: 29.5 x 500cm
Estimate: €1,000 - 1,500
Condition: accidents and losses

A Gilt-Decorated ‘The Tale of Genji’ Six-Panel Screen, Attributed to Toyoshige (1777-1834) |Japan, Edo period (18th century to early 19th century)

Size: 72 x 183cm
Provenance: French private collection
Estimate: €2,000 - 4,000
Condition: restoration

A Gilt Red Lacquered Iron Armour | Japan, Edo Period (1603-1868)
Estimate: €2,500 - 3,000

Gilt-Bronze Figure of Dharmapâla | Tibet, 18th century

Size: 22.2cm tall
Estimate: €3,000 - 4,000

Aguttes|Arts d'Asie 25 February

Reminder: Customers must put on a face mask while visiting the previews and sales. Thank you for your understanding.

Auction date (local time):
25 February 2020 (Tuesday) | 2pm

Preview upon reservations through email/ telephone:
17 – 21 February (Monday to Friday) |9am - 7pm
For phone reservation: +33 (0)1 47 45 00 90

Official preview (local time):
24 February 2020 (Monday)|9:30am - 6pm
25 February 2020 (Tuesday)|9am - 11:30pm

Auction and preview venue: L'Hôtel des ventes de Neuilly
Address: 164 bis avenue Charles de Gaulle - 92200Neuilly sur Seine

Metro | Rue de l'Eglise exit, Pont de Neuilly stop (line 1)
Bus|line 43、73、93、157、158、174、176、557
Car park: Entrance at the sideway of 136 avenue Charles de Gaulle (with the direction towards la Défense); exit is in front of Eglise Saint Jean-Baptiste

Johanna Blancard de Léry,  Manager of Asian Art Department
+33 (0)1 47 45 00 90

Pierre Ansas (SFEP)
Anne Papillon d’Alton (CEEA)

Claude Aguttes
Sophie Perrine

Chen Cao, Asian Market
Consultation service is available at Aguttes, please contact

Enjoying steady growth since its establishment in Neuilly-sur-Seine more than twenty years ago, while also holding auctions at Drouot in Paris and in Lyon, AGUTTES was ranked as the fourth largest auction house in the French market in 2017, and the leading independent French auction house (without external shareholders).

Headed by Claude Aguttes since 1974, six associates, including his daughters Philippine Dupré la Tour and Charlotte Reynier-Aguttes, help manage the company today. The company holds 110 auctions per year with a team of 40, including four authorized auctioneers.

Due to its professionalism, the auction house was recently chosen by the French Commercial Court to orchestrate the auctions of Aristophil’s tremendous collection of old manuscripts. The year 2017 was marked by the development of off-site sales, such as the one during “Les Grandes Heures Automobiles” at the Linas-Montlhéry motor circuit, or those held in the Arturo Lôpez private mansion in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Furthermore, in Lyon, significant renovations of the auction saleroom in the former train station of Brotteaux have just been completed which will allow new events to be created.

Aguttes also pulled off numerous notable sales of Asian works of art including a 19th-century dragon fish jar that sold for €39,000; a rare ceramic opium pipe that sold for €29,000; two gourd vases that sold for €18,000 and €14,000 respectively; a 18th-19th century jade censer that sold for €17,000; a 18th-century jade hoop that sold for €3,000; a 19th-century bronze censer that sold for €14,500; a 17th-century bronze figure that sold for €24,000; a Tibetan gilt-bronze Mandala that sold for €50,000 and more.

Aguttes is also a major and most dynamic actor at Drouot in Paris, where it achieved the highest bids in 2015, 2017 and 2018.