Leading French Auction House Aguttes Returns With An Array of Masterpieces by Contemporary Artists Worldwide

The first half of 2020 was quite 'bland' for the art industry as the global coronavirus pandemic has put most major events to a halt. The French auction house Aguttes is bringing some excitement back with their ART CONTEMPORAIN - De l'après-guerre à nos jours sale on 29 May after a national lockdown of 55 days.

A total of 159 lots by contemporary artists from 20 different countries and 4 continents will be on offer, spanning across materials including oil on canvas, photography, sculpture and fibreglass and categories like abstract expressionism, expressionism, cubism, pop art, neorealism, postmodernism, lenticular painting, surrealism and idealism. This sale in itself can be a guide to collecting contemporary art. 

Chu Teh-Chun Composition n°62︳Estimate: €250,000 – 350,000


Fernando Botero Reclining woman︳Estimate: €250,000 – 300,000

The pandemic has dealt a blow to the global economy and uncertainties about the future of the art world have begun to surface. When we look back at 2009, the art world has also suffered greatly. Yet in the same year, the collector couple Liu Yiqian and Wang Wei purchase works that set various auction records, making the idea of having your own 'private museum' increasingly popular. Many believe that there will be a post-pandemic pinnacle for collecting art. Nevertheless, Agutttes' upcoming sale is the perfect opportunity to purchase contemporary masterpieces.

This sale is a tribute to Asian contemporary artists which features 18 premium lots by Asian masters like Chu Teh-Chun, Wang Keping, Wan Yencheng, Yan Pei-Ming, Zhang Dali, Zhuang Hong Yi, Cui Xiuwen, Wu Xiaochuan, Xue Song and Sung-Chul Hong. On the other hand, exquisite works by Western artists like Georges Braque, Andy Warhol, Bernard Buffet, Fernando Botero, Yves Klein, Gérard Schneider,  Aurélie Nemours and Wim Delvoye are also on offer.

Parts of Composition n°62  by Chu Teh-Chun

Part of Composition n°62  by Chu Teh-Chun

Lot 1: Chu Teh-Chun (1920-2014) Composition n°62 oil on canvas
signed lower right, numbered, countersigned and dated on reverse

Created in: 1960
Size: 65 x 100 cm
Provenance: Acquired from the painter in the 1960s and transmitted since then
Private collection, France

A certificate from the Chu Teh-Chun Foundation as of January 31, 2020,as well as a copy of the certificate drawn up by the artist dated November 3, 2006, will be given to the purchaser.

Estimate: €250,000 – 350,000

Composition no. 62 of 1960, is central to one of the most important times in the life and career of Chu Teh-Chun. In this transition period, the painting is a real bridge between the artist’s early style and his move towards abstraction.
While the browns typical of his early years are still present, especially in the background, new shades are already emerging. His lively, varied palette includes red, white and even deep black. In terms of drawing, he uses the curves and subtleties of calligraphy, imbuing them with the essence of French abstraction. This is a style we find again a little later in his Composition no. 112 of 1962.

Composition No. 62 reflects the calmness and refinement of the artist’s beloved calligraphy while expressing the spirit of lyrical abstraction he was then so wholeheartedly exploring

Lot 2: Yan Pei-Ming (born in 1960) Self Portrait (Autoportrait)︳oil on canvas
signed, dated, titled on reverse

Created in: 2002
Size: 150 x 150 cm
Provenance: Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris
Private collection, Paris

Estimate: €100,000 – 150,000

The Portrait-Robot of 1992 and Self Portrait of 2002 are paintings representative of Yan Pei-Ming's work in several respects, particularly the subject matter and technique.

Yan Pei-Ming is chiefly the portraitist of famous people. He began with Mao Zedong, then broadened his inspiration to include many other famous figures like the Pope, Barack Obama and Michael Jackson. The 1992 Portrait-Robot represents Mao, whom Yan Pei-Ming painted several times. However, the artist also paints anonymous people, his father and himself. The second work we are presenting, the Self Portrait of 2002, is one of these.

Highlight lots: 

Xu Weixin (born in 1958) Portrait of a Woman (Portrait de femme)

Oil on canvas

Lot no.: 4
Created in: 2006
Size: 120 x 100 cm
Provenance: Offered by the artist to the current owner
Private collection, Paris

We thank Mr. Xu Weixin for kindly confirming the authenticity of this work.

Estimate: €30,000 – 40,000

Zhang Dali (born in 1963) Life is a meteor in a desolate universe(from the AK-47 collection) 

Oil on canvas and mix media 
polyptych in 5 parts, signed and dated on each reverse

Lot no.: 5
Created in: 2007
Size: 180 x 400 x 5 cm  (each part 180 x 80 cm)
Provenance: Private collection, Paris

We thank Mr. Zhang Dali for kindly confirming the authenticity of this work.

Estimate: €80,000 – 120,000

Wan Yancheng (born in 1960) Untitled (Sans titre)

Oil on canvas
signed and dated lower right

Lot no.: 9
Created in: 2009
Size: 120.5 x 120.5 cm
Provenance: Private collection, Paris

We thank Mr. Wan Yancheng for kindly confirming the authenticity of this work.

Estimate: €50,000 – 80,000

Georges Braque (1882-1963) Order of Birds (L’ordre des Oiseaux)

Oil on paper, mounted on canvas
signed lower right

Lot no: 33
Created in: 1962
Size: 29.6 x 41.7 cm
Provenance: Private collection, Dubaï

A certificate written by Armand Israel, dated November 2019, will be given to the buyer.

Estimate: €50,000 – 80,000

Part of Landerneau Church by Bernard Buffet

Bernard Buffet (1928-1999) Landerneau Church (Eglise de Landerneau)

Oil on canvas
signed and dated upper right, countersigned and annotated on reverse Noël 1996 Bernard 21

Lot no.: 73
Created in: 1968
Size: 146 x 97 cm
-Galerie Maurice Garnier, Paris
-Private collection, Suisse
-Private collection, Liban

A duplicate of the Galerie Maurice Garnier certificate will be given to the buyer.

Estimate: €70,000 - 90,000

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) Untitled (Sans titre)

Gouache and ink on paper
signed lower left, stamped on reverse by the stamps Art Gallery New York, New York City, The Estate of Andy Warhol and the stamp of the Andy Warhol Foundation for visual arts

Lot no.: 82
Created in: 1970-1980
Size: 29.8 x 20.9 cm

Estimate: €10,000 - 15,000

Fernando Botero (born in 1932)  Reclining Woman 

signed, marked with stamp of the foundry Fonderia M Italy and numbered 2/6 on the base.

Lot no.: 83
Size: 34 x 58.4 x 24.8 cm
Provenance: Collection Emiel Veranneman, Belgium
Private collection, Belgique, depuis 1989

We thank Mr Fernando Botero for having kindly confirmed the authenticity of this work.

Estimate: €250,000 – 300,000

Part of Captive Complaint by Georges Mathieu

Georges Mathieu (1921-2012) Captive Complaint

Oil and mixed media on Arches paper
signed lower right and titled on the back

Lot no.: 90
Size: 54.5 x 75 cm

Estimate: €12,000 – 15,000

Yves Klein (1928-1962)  Little Blue Venus

Venus Bronze painted with color IKB, plexiglass and gold sheet
numbered 371/500

Lot no.: 115
Size: 12 x 7.5 x 8.5 cm

A certificate written by Mrs. Rotraut Klein-Moquay will be given to the purchaser.

Estimate: €6,500 – 9,000

Auction details

Auction house: Aguttes
Sale: ART CONTEMPORAIN - De l'après-guerre à nos jours contemporary art sale
Sale date: 2020/5/29|2:30pm(Paris time)

*Due to COVID-19, the location and date might be changed. The latest updates are available on aguttes.com. 

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