Asia in the Spotlight | Aguttes Paris' Art Auction in May and June

From 17 May 2022, Aguttes auction house will present an important selection of painted works and objects of Asian Art – rare historical testimonies that have been kept in private hands for decades.

A long exhibition will allow the public to discover the lots assembled by Head of Asian Arts, Johanna Blancard de Lery; and Asian Painters Expert, Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier. The catalogues are now on Aguttes website with 300 selected works that will then be showcased during the sales held on 31 May and 2 June 2022. 

Asian Arts, The Collector's World | Sale on Tuesday, 31 May 2022 2:30pm | Neuilly-sur-Seine

In the next sale on 31 May, Aguttes is delighted to offer several collections of rare quality. The Collection of Mr L.L. will be based around 100 pieces of sancai biscuit and turquoise enamel – collected between the 1920s and 1960s. Many invoices from prestigious galleries – such as Pierre Saqué, L.Michon, Raufaust and L.Wannieck – attest to the beautiful provenance of objects presented. Bronze, porcelain and wooden items will complete this Collection.

China | Ming dynasty, 17th century and Qing dynasty, 18th century
Set representing part of the collection of sancai glazed biscuits and animal stoneware

China | Qing dynasty, 18th century
Set representing part of the collection of turquoise glazed biscuits

The Collection’s masterpiece is an exceptional white marble sculpture with a beige-brown patina. It represents Guanshiyin, the Goddess of Compassion whose name means “The One who perceives the sounds of the world” – often abbreviated to Guanyin –Chinese feminine form of the deity, Avalokiteshvara – from the Sui dynasty (581-618 CE). It will be this exceptional sale’s highlight.

This important sculpture in white patinated marble is a fine example of Buddhist sculpture at the time of the apogee of this religion in China – where it entered after a long journey along the Silk Road. It is also a museum piece that should attract discerning collectors and institutions’ attention.

China | Sui dynasty (581 – 618 CE)
Height: 146 cm

Marble sculpture with beige patina and brown shading representing Guanshiyin – Goddess of Compassion – whose name means “The One who perceives the sounds of the world”. Often abbreviated to Guanyin, she is the Chinese female form of the deity, Avalokiteshvara.

The Mr. H.F Collection will feature Chinese objects represented by a rare pair of gu bronze vases, with a beautiful green and blue patina – decorated with taotie masks dated by Michel Beurdeley in 1991 to the Shang dynasty (1570-1045 BCE). A set of beautiful porcelain from the Song period (960-1279) is also showcased.

China | Shang dynasty (1570 – 1045 BCE)
Height: 26 cm

A pair of gu vases in bronze is decorated with an exquisite green and blue patina – the foot and central section are adorned with taotie masks – underlined by the edges and knobs. In addition to these features, the base of the neck is ornamented with a frieze of spirals -surmounted by banana leaves with geometrical motifs. At the feet of each vase, there is an archaic inscription.

Jades, textiles and porcelain will all be on display at Aguttes' must-see exhibition in May.

33rd and 34th Asian Painters, Major Works Sales | Thursday, 2 June 2022 2:30 pm | Neuilly-sur-Seine

Dedicated to Asian Painters of the early 20th century, these 33rd and 34th sales will take place in two parts. Coming from different Collections, a magnificent set of paintings by leader of modern Chinese art, Sanyu (1895-1966), will be showcased. Two oil paintings from his youth – totally unknown – were acquired before 1940 by a Russian collector living in Belgium and stored for more than 30 years in the safe of his heir.

These paintings bear Henri-Pierre Roché’s monogram – a prominent art collector and patron – a key figure in the art market during the early 20th century. Dated to 1926 and 1927, they are the first paintings prior to 1929 ever presented on the market. This discovery thus allows an interesting development in the understanding of the artist's work.

Sanyu (1895 – 1966) | Le maître de piste, Monsieur Loyal, à cheval

Oil on canvas
Created in 1927
27.2 x 19 cm

Sanyu (1895 – 1966) | La théière jaune

Oil on canvas
Created in 1927
24 x 14 cm

Furthermore, a fine selection of works on paper from the renowned Michel Habart Collection will also be on view throughout the exhibitions – prior to its sale on June 2. This series of works on paper brilliantly illustrates the artist's years spent at the renowned Grande Chaumière Academy in Paris.

Sanyu (1895 – 1966) | Femme au décolleté carré

Ink on paper
45 x 28 cm

Sanyu (1895 – 1966) | Woman standing from behind with her head in her arms

Pencil on paper
48.3 x 30.5 cm

The second opus will open with four paintings of great historical interest. They come from the pavilion of Laos of the Colonial Exhibition of 1931. The original decoration of this pavilion included 41 paintings by Alix Aymé, who had explored the most remote parts of Laos. Her brother-in-law, Edouard Muller, who married Suzanne (née Aymé), was charmed by these paintings and bought the four presented for sale at the end of the Exhibition.

Preserved by the family for 90 years, this set was preserved. It will be on view before its sale from 17 May to 2 June 2022. Two of the paintings were selected to be displayed in Evian, Palais Lumière’s exhibition, Itinéraire de l'ailleurs, artistes voyageuses de la Belle époque à la seconde guerre mondiale – which will be held from 17 December 2022 to 29 May 2023.

Alix Aymé (1894 – 1989) | Laotienne devant sa paillote

Oil on canvas
Created in 1930
78 x 54 cm

Alix Aymé (1894 – 1989) | Couple Kha

Created in 1930
54.6 x 66 cm

Alix Aymé (1894 – 1989) | Flamboyants aux bords du Mékong à Vientiane

70 x 58.5 cm

Alix Aymé (1894 - 1989) | Moï Couple


Works by students of the Indochina School of Fine Arts were perfect testimonies of their individual talent and the excellence of the training they received. These artworks come from various distinguished French private collections; the elegance of both Le Pho and Mai Trung Thu will be reflected in several remarkable works – such as Pho’s Jeune fille au treillage de bétel (Young Girl with Betel Trellis); and Tru’s Instant musical au clair de lune (Musical moment in the moonlight).

Le Pho (1907 – 2001) | Jeune fille au treillage de bétel

Ink and colours on silk
Created in late 1930s
30 x 24 cm

Mai Trung Thu (1906 – 1980) | Instant musical au clair de lune

Ink and colours on silk
Created in 1943
55 x 46.4 cm

Throughout his life, Mr. T. was close to the Vietnamese artist, Le Pho and collected many painters’ works of his entourage. His paintings of artists – such as Le Pho, Mai Trung Thu and Vu Cao Dam – will adorn Aguttes' walls before flying to a new destination.

Le Pho (1907 – 2001) | Femme à la robe verte et enfant, sur la table un bouquet jaune

Oil on canvas
65.5 x 81 cm

The proximity of the collectors with the artists is tangible, and confers to this set today with an undeniable interest. If the work is well-advanced, there is still time to consult Aguttes to obtain an estimate before possible insertion in these catalogues.

Auction Details:

Asia in the Spotlight
Date: 17 May – 2 June 2022
Exhibition: 17 – 30 May 2022 (except 21, 22, 26 – 29 May)
Location: Aguttes Neuilly-sur-Seine Auction Room | 164 Bis Avenue Charles de Gaulle

Asian Arts | The Collector’s World
Sale Date and Time: Tuesday, 31 May 2022 | 2:30pm
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Asian Painters · Major Works of Art (33) and (34)
Sale Date and Time: Thursday, 2 June 2022 | 2:30pm and 3pm
Online catalogue - Asian Painters · Major Works of Art (33)
Online catalogue - Asian Painters · Major Works of Art (34)

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